Cab permit; application

You need a cab permit if you want to transport people commercially with cabs.



  • The entrepreneur or the persons appointed for the management must be reliable and professionally suitable.
  • The company must be safe. For example, there must be no arrears of taxes or social security contributions, and the vehicle management must be impeccable.
  • The company must be financially viable.
  • The company's business locations entered in the Commercial Register or Register of Cooperatives must be in Germany.


You must apply for the cab permit in writing to the relevant office. Depending on the offer, you can download an application form on the Internet.

In the hearing procedure, the competent body requests opinions from, among others:

  • Municipalities
  • trade supervisory authorities
  • the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • the relevant trade unions and professional associations

After the deadline for comments has expired, it decides on the application and informs the applicant in writing of the result.

Special notes

Unlike for-hire transportation, cab permits are not available indefinitely. The number of permits available depends on local conditions.



Processing time

Usually, the competent body will decide on your application within three months. The period can be extended by a maximum of another three months. The prerequisite is that the competent office has announced this in a written interim decision within the first three months.

Required documents

  • The following documents are required for the cab permit:

    • Proof of personal reliability (not older than three months at the time of application), e.g.:
      • Extract from the Federal Central Register (certificate of good conduct)
      • Information from the central commercial register
      • Extract from the central traffic register
    • Extract from the commercial or cooperative register (certified copies)
    • Copy of the articles of association and the list of shareholders
    • for legal entities: Proof of authorization to represent the company
    • Evidence of financial standing (not older than three months at the time of application):
      • Clearance certificates from the tax office
      • Certificate of no objection from the responsible municipality
      • Certificate of no objection from the social insurance:
        • from health insurance companies with which you insure or have insured employees, and
        • for yourself, if you are or were voluntarily or privately insured.
      • Clearance certificate from the Employer's Liability Insurance Association for Transport and Traffic (not older than three months at the time of application).
      • Equity certificate and, if applicable, supplementary certificate (not older than twelve months at the time of application).
        • The amount of equity depends on the number of vehicles intended for use: For the first vehicle, you must provide evidence of equity capital in the amount of 2,250 euros, and for each additional vehicle, 1,250 euros.
    • Evidence of professional suitability:
      • Certificate of the specialist knowledge examination at the IHK or
      • Certificate of professional qualification from the IHK for at least three years of managerial activity in a cab company or
      • Certificate of the recognized equivalent final examination (e.g. businessman's examination in railroad and road transport with focus on passenger transport)
    • if you appoint other persons to manage the company, you must submit the following documents for them:
      • Certificate of good conduct
      • Information from the central business register
      • Extract from the driving suitability register
      • Proof of professional suitability
      • Proof of employment (employment contract)

    The competent body may request further documents


  • Frame fee for approval: 100,00 - 1.465 EUR

    For standard cases it is

    • for the first vehicle: EUR 150.00
    • for each additional vehicle: EUR 40.00

    These amounts are not binding for the licensing authority.

    In case of excessive administrative burden, the licensing authority may deviate from them up to the maximum amount of the framework fee.

    You will incur further costs for register information and other supporting documents.


Filing an objection with the authority that issued the administrative act.


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