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The Bavarian Statistical Atlas is undergoing technical revision and is currently not available. First follow-up applications (e.g. area survey) are planned for mid-2022.


Once released, the revised Statistical Atlas of Bavaria will again offer around 300 interactive maps ranging from the level of municipalities to counties and administrative districts, providing interested parties with a diverse statistical overview of the Free State of Bavaria.

A picture often says more than many words. And a thematic map often says more than a table. With the interactive maps of the "Statistical Atlas of Bavaria", the Bavarian State Office for Statistics offers a free service in its online offering. Data can be researched quickly, regional structures are visualized and allow comparisons between municipalities or districts.

With around 300 indicators from 35 statistics at different points in time, the "Statistical Atlas of Bavaria" provides a wide range of interesting facts from official statistics as interactive maps for the administrative districts, counties and municipalities of Bavaria free of charge. The offer includes, for example, indicators from the subject areas of demography, social affairs, tourism, construction activity or the national accounts. The time series offered also provide a comprehensive overview of the development of recent years. For each map, the user is offered a wide range of interaction possibilities and options for visualizing and querying the information.

The maps are selected via selection boxes for the regional level, the statistic, the indicator and the time to be displayed. The statistics are sorted thematically according to a numbering system that assigns a five-digit number to each official statistic. The directory is called EVAS - "Uniform Directory of All Statistics" of the Federal and State Statistical Offices.

Depending on the availability of data, the time series offer comparisons for the last eleven years, as well as five- or ten-year steps for longer-term observations. It is also possible to display the data as an animation.

Deep Links can be saved as favorites via "Bookmarks". Deep links can also be used to link directly to indicators.


Technical requirements:

  • JavaScript must be enabled to use the Bavarian Statistical Atlas.
  • The Internet browser must be HTML5-capable.

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Status: 01.06.2022

Responsible for editing: Bayerisches Staatsministerium des Innern, für Sport und Integration

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