Resident parking permit; application

Residents of urban neighborhoods whose parking space is managed due to a significant lack of parking space (recognizable by special traffic signs with additional signs) can apply for so-called resident parking permits.


Due to considerable parking pressure in urban areas caused by visitor, delivery, commuter and resident traffic, it has been increasingly necessary in recent years to implement so-called "parking space management". This means that within a parking management zone, parking is only permitted with a parking ticket, parking meter or parking disc. Parking space management is also intended to make living in urban areas more attractive again and thus reduce settlement pressure on rural areas and urban migration, especially where private parking spaces (within walking distance) are not available or insufficient.

In particularly congested parts of cities (e.g., often inner-city areas), resident parking areas can be established in the interest of those who live in these areas, and special parking permits can be used to create opportunities for long-term parking specifically for the benefit of residents of the affected neighborhood. However, reservations must not lock visitors and commuters out of the cities by motor vehicle. Therefore, only a portion of the parking areas in the cities can be reserved. Another way to create special parking rights is to exempt residents in parking management zones from the requirement to park with a parking ticket, meter, or parking disc.

In order to be able to prove their authorization to park permanently in the managed area to control bodies, i.e. in particular police forces and municipal traffic control, the person who actually lives and is registered in this area must possess a resident parking permit and deposit it in the vehicle in a clearly visible place.


  • Actual residence (often main residence) and registration with this residence in the managed area.
  • Owner of a motor vehicle or proof of permanent use of a motor vehicle (also car sharing)

Required documents

  • Identity card or passport

  • Registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration document)

  • If you are not the owner of the vehicle, a confirmation from the vehicle owner that you are allowed to use the vehicle permanently (owner's declaration)


  • 10,20 to 30,70 Euro per year of the validity period

Legal bases


Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim


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