Service portal Bavaria; information portal and communication platform for entrepreneurs

Via the Bavarian Services Portal, entrepreneurs from Germany and abroad can obtain information on all the formalities and procedures required for their activities and on the competent bodies and the Single Point of Contact. The portal also publishes information on the recognition of professional qualifications abroad.


This Internet offering implements the requirements of the European Services Directive (EC Services Directive). Its goal is the reduction of bureaucratic obstacles and the promotion of cross-border services.

Interested service providers / entrepreneurs can obtain relevant general information on legal requirements, formalities, associations, organizations, registers and legal remedies from the Bavarian Service Portal. Furthermore, the competent authority in terms of subject matter and location and - if relevant - the competent single point of contact are displayed in each case. Necessary forms can be downloaded or corresponding online procedures can be called up.

The "Platform for Secure Communication in Bavaria" enables entrepreneurs from Germany and abroad to communicate free of charge in encrypted form with the connected public bodies in Bavaria (in particular public authorities and chambers as well as points of single contact). You can use the platform to securely transmit messages and applications to the relevant affiliated bodies and/or points of single contact.

On the platform, you must first register / authenticate to create a user account (initial registration can take up to 10 working days) and then create a so-called case mailbox for each project.

Online procedures

  • Dienstleistungsportal Bayern mit elektronischer Verfahrensabwicklung

    Service providers can use the Bavarian Service Portal to find out about all the formalities, procedures and competent authorities required for their activities. The "Platform for Secure Communication" is available for secure electronic communication and procedure handling.

Status: 23.02.2022

Responsible for editing: Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Digitales

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  • Online transactions, Bavaria-wide
  • Online transactions, locally limited
  • Prefillable Form, Bavaria-wide
  • Legal bases, Bavaria-wide
  • Legal bases, locally limited
  • Fees, Bavaria-wide
  • Fees, locally limited
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If you select a location under "Localization" the contact details of the responsible authority and, if applicable, locally valid information will be displayed.