Taxes; Information

You can find information on various tax topics on the Tax Administration website.


You can find information on the subject of taxes on the websites of the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and Home Affairs, the Bavarian State Tax Office and the Bavarian tax offices (for detailed information, see "Further links").

For example:

  • Forms and completion instructions for tax returns and forms for other tax matters
  • Information brochures

  • Tax information broken down by tax type
    • Flat-rate withholding tax
    • income tax
    • Inheritance and gift tax
    • Trade tax
    • Real estate transfer tax
    • Property tax
    • International tax law
    • Corporation tax
    • Racing betting and lottery tax
    • Value Added Tax
  • Tax information for individual target groups
    • Employees
    • Business founders
    • families
    • House and property
    • Influencers
    • Legal entities under public law
    • Child carers
    • Artists
    • Farmers and foresters
    • People with disabilities
    • Minijobbers
    • Pupils and students
    • Senior citizens
    • clubs
  • Information on various tax topics
    • Retirement income
    • Foreign matters
    • External audit
    • Building deduction tax
    • Land valuation
    • Coronavirus
    • Honorary office
    • Electromobility
    • Electronic cash register systems
    • Energy-efficient building refurbishment § 35c EStG
    • Research and development (R&D)
    • Account query option of the tax authorities
    • Wage tax deduction and wage tax reduction
    • Model procedure
    • Photovoltaic systems
    • Private and company pension schemes
    • Private car purchases in other EU countries
    • Donations
    • Tax return
    • Tax assistance measures
    • Tax identification number IDNr
    • Tax payment
    • Capital accumulation
    • Interest Information Ordinance
  • Answers to frequently asked questions to the tax offices and the service telephone of the Bavarian tax administration
  • Online calculator for calculating income tax, wage tax and other taxes
  • Selected tax laws and administrative regulations
    • Tax code
    • Foreign Tax Act
    • Valuation law
    • Inheritance tax law and gift tax law
    • Income Tax Act
    • Trade Tax Act
    • Real Estate Transfer Tax Act
    • Property Tax Act
    • Investment Allowances Act 2007
    • Investment Allowances Act 2005
    • Motor Vehicle Tax Act
    • Corporation Tax Act
    • Solidarity Surcharge Act
    • Value Added Tax Act
    • Reorganization Tax Act

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  • Online transactions, Bavaria-wide
  • Online transactions, locally limited
  • Form, Bavaria-wide
  • Form, locally limited
  • Prefillable Form, Bavaria-wide
  • Legal bases, Bavaria-wide
  • Legal bases, locally limited
  • Fees, Bavaria-wide
  • Fees, locally limited
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