Commercial economy; application for funding.

The Free State of Bavaria promotes investments of commercial projects of regional economic importance in the fields of industry, crafts, trade, tourism and other services.



The purpose of the funding is to create living conditions that are as equal as possible and balanced competitive opportunities throughout Bavaria. Strengthening economic self-reliance is one of the central goals of effective economic development in Bavaria.


Investment projects (acquisition, construction, expansion of business premises, diversification measures) are subsidized.


Small and medium-sized enterprises in the commercial sector, including tourism, are eligible to apply.

Eligible costs

Funding is available for the acquisition or production of tangible fixed assets forming part of the investment project and, under certain conditions, for the acquisition of intangible, leased, rented or leased assets.

Type and amount

The subsidy can be granted as an investment grant or as an interest subsidy to reduce the cost of a loan to be granted by the LfA Förderbank. The subsidy rate is up to 20% for small companies and 10% for medium-sized companies.


Funding is possible if:

  • the investments are significant for the regional economy,
  • the company has predominantly supra-regional sales (so-called primary effect),
  • the business establishment is located in an economically structurally weak area, in a rural area according to the state development program or in areas with special labor market problems and, in the case of tourism projects, also in a tourism area as defined in the tourism policy concept of the state government;
  • if the business location is outside a C-assisted area of the joint task "Improvement of the regional economic structure" (GRW), the business must be a small or medium-sized enterprise as defined by the SME definition of the European Commission,
  • the financial aid is necessary for the through-financing of the project,
  • the project is of interest to the national and regional economy and to structural and labor market policy,
  • the minimum investment sum is usually 500,000 euros (in areas with a special need for action (RmbH) 200,000 euros) or in the C and D funding areas of the joint task "Improvement of the regional economic structure" (GRW) 200,000 euros.



Applications must be submitted to the responsible district government before the project begins.

Applications for funding (commercial economy, tourism economy and all special programs) can also be submitted online to the government of Swabia as part of a pilot project, if the investment location of the measure is in the administrative district of Swabia and the user and investor of the measure are identical.

In the case of an online application and authentication via the Elster business account, a paper application and a paper signature are not required (exception to the BRF guideline).

A consultation meeting should be held with the Government of Swabia prior to online application.


The governments are responsible for approval.


Applications must be submitted before the start of the project.



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