Weapons possession card; application

If you want to acquire or possess a firearm, you usually need a weapons possession card, which is issued by the district administrative authority responsible for you - district administration office or independent city.


As a rule, you need a firearms possession card to acquire and possess firearms. An application for this must be submitted to the district administrative authority responsible for you. Weapon possession cards are not required for alarm, irritant and signal weapons, as well as air-pressure, spring-pressure andCO2 weapons that have an appropriate test mark. These weapons may be acquired without a permit from the age of 18, but may not be carried (see under "Related topics" - "Weapons licence; application").

The firearms ownership card then entitles you to exercise actual control over the firearm registered on it and to transport it, for example, to the shooting range or to a gunsmith for repair. During transport, the weapon must not be ready for access or firing. Weapons and ammunition must be transported separately.

Acquisition and possession of ammunition

Permission to acquire and possess ammunition is granted by registration on a firearms possession card for the firearms registered therein.

In other cases, permission is granted by means of an ammunition acquisition certificate for a specific type of ammunition; it is limited to a period of six years for the acquisition of the ammunition and is valid indefinitely for the possession of the ammunition.

The permit for the non-commercial loading of ammunition within the meaning of the Explosives Act shall also be deemed to be a permit for the acquisition and possession of such ammunition. After the expiry of the validity of the permit document, the permit for the possession of such ammunition shall continue to be valid for a period of six months.

Acquisition and possession of weapons by a shooting or hunting club

A firearms possession card may also be issued to a shooting sports club or hunting association as a legal entity.

It is to be combined with the condition that the club must name a responsible person to the authority before taking possession of club weapons, irrespective of the proof of liability insurance, for whom the prerequisites according to § 4 para. 1 nos. 1 to 3 WaffG are proven; this named person does not have to be a representative body of the club. If the designated responsible person leaves the association or if he or she no longer fulfils all the requirements, the association is obliged to inform the competent authority immediately. If the club does not appoint a new responsible person within two weeks, for whom the requirements are proven, the weapon owner's permit issued to the club is to be revoked and the weapon owner's card is to be returned.

The district administrative authority responsible for you will provide you with further details.


A permit requires that the applicant

  • has reached the age of 18, or 21 for the acquisition and possession of large-calibre weapons by sport shooters,
  • has the required reliability and personal suitability,
  • has demonstrated the necessary expertise,
  • has proven a need

Their reliability is generally checked by the district administrative authority. Proof of expertise and need must be provided by yourself.


As a rule, you need a weapons permit from the responsible district administrative authority before acquiring a firearm. Holders of valid German hunting licences can acquire typical hunting long guns, but they must be registered on a weapons possession card within two weeks of acquisition. Heirs also have one month after acceptance of the inheritance or expiry of the period prescribed for disclaimer to apply for a weapons possession card. However, in the event of the death of the previous owner, possession of the weapons must be reported to the competent authority without delay.

Required documents

  • for sport shooters in the club: Certificate of competence
  • for sport shooters in the club: Certificate of need from the recognised shooting sports association with details of, in particular, membership of a shooting sports club.
  • for sport shooters in the club: Certificate of regular participation in shooting exercises of the club
  • for sport shooters in the club: Certificate of approval and necessity of the weapon for a specific discipline in accordance with the approved sports regulations of the shooting sports association
  • for hunters: valid hunting license
  • for heirs: proof of inheritance, if applicable declaration of renunciation by the other heirs
  • for collectors: certificate of competence
  • for collectors: proof of the cultural and historical significance of the collection area applied for
  • in the case of endangerment: credible evidence that you are significantly more endangered than the general public by attacks on life or limb and that the acquisition and possession of a firearm is suitable to reduce this endangerment
  • in case of danger: certificate of competence


  • The fees for the issuance of a weapons possession card are between 30.00 and 200.00 euros. The district administrative authority responsible for you will be happy to provide you with more details.

Legal bases


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