Business start-up preparations - Financial aid and support programs

Starting up a business costs money. To support founders who cannot raise all the capital they need themselves, there are a number of financial aids and support programs.


Here you will find information about formalities related to this subject:

  • General, technology-oriented and digital business incubators; utilization

    19 digital incubators at 28 locations, as well as another 40 or so general and technology-oriented incubators throughout Bavaria, serve as central points of contact to drive startups forward.

  • Order guarantee; application
    Under the "Order Guarantees" program, LfA Förderbank Bayern provides default guarantees for sureties on domestic and foreign orders as well as for order-related pre-financing assumed or granted by the applicants' principal banks.
  • Equity capital; information on granting
    Investment companies or private investors offer equity capital without the usual bank collateral, i.e. equity capital in the form of contributions as share or nominal capital, but also as a silent partnership.
  • Visual artists; application for a studio grant
    Visual artists may receive a monthly grant to cover their studio expenses for a period of two years.
  • Guarantee; application for assumption
    In order to obtain bank loans, it is generally necessary to provide sufficient bank collateral. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular often do not have such collateral. They therefore have difficulty in covering their capital requirements. Guarantees from LfA-Förderbank Bayern and Bürgschaftsbank Bayern are also intended to enable these companies to take out loans.
  • Integration of self-employed persons; application for benefits.

    If you receive unemployment benefit II and would like to become self-employed or are already self-employed, your job center can support you with necessary purchases of material goods and with free advice and training.

  • Start-up money; application

    If you receive unemployment benefit (ALG) II and you want to become self-employed or take up an activity that is subject to social insurance contributions, you can receive start-up money under certain conditions.

  • European Maritime and Fisheries Fund; application for funding.

    The Free State of Bavaria supports investments in commercial pond management and fishing from its own funds and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF 2014 - 2021).

    The application period ended on 31.12.2021. Until the end of 2023, the applications received until then will be approved or settled.

    A successor program is expected to start in the second half of 2022.

  • Business start-up; consulting and promotion
    In the Free State of Bavaria, the prospects of being successfully self-employed are particularly favorable. In order to make Bavaria the frontrunner in terms of start-ups, the Bavarian state government has launched the initiative Gründerland Bayern.
  • Promotional bank; information

    The development bank of the Free State of Bavaria is LfA Förderbank Bayern. It operates in the business areas of start-up, growth, innovation, energy and environment, stabilization, infrastructure and other financing (e.g. contract guarantees).

  • Commercial enterprises; application for a state guarantee

    The Free State of Bavaria provides state guarantees for loans to finance projects in the commercial sector.

  • Commercial economy; application for funding.

    The Free State of Bavaria promotes investments of commercial projects of regional economic importance in the fields of industry, handicraft, trade, tourism and other services.

  • Gründungszuschuss; Beantragung

    Wenn Sie Arbeitslosengeld 1 beziehen und ein Unternehmen gründen möchten, können Sie dafür unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen eine finanzielle Unterstützung erhalten.

  • Innovation vouchers for small businesses and craft enterprises; application for funding
    The Free State of Bavaria promotes research and development services for small companies/handicraft enterprises in the field of general technologies.
  • Agriculture and forestry; funding guide

    The funding guide provides an overview and detailed information for practitioners on all funding programmes and compensatory payments in agriculture, forestry and the food industry. The breadth of the offer illustrates that the state government strives to take into account different regional and operational circumstances and to work towards the highest possible efficiency.

  • Care in the social local area; application for funding

    The Free State of Bavaria promotes the comprehensive and needs-based expansion of the nursing care structure so that people in need of care can remain at home in their familiar surroundings - in their local social environment - for as long as possible.

  • Technology-oriented business start-up; application for a grant
    The Free State of Bavaria supports research and development (R&D) projects of founders in the field of general technologies, provided that they can be assigned to industrial research or experimental development.
  • Start-up in the field of digitalization; application for start-up grant funding

    The Free State of Bavaria supports technology-oriented start-ups in the field of digitization.

  • Economic development; information on municipal funding opportunities

    Counties and municipalities can support investment projects of foreign or domestic investors in the region.

  • Economic development; information on government funding opportunities
    Economic development serves to create new jobs and maintain existing ones. Public development loans and grants enable start-ups and medium-sized companies to achieve this goal, which is important for our population, the economy and all Bavarian regions.

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