Small arms license; application

If you want to carry alarm, irritant and signal weapons with approval marks of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in public, you must first apply for a small arms license.


If you have alarm, irritant and signal weapons with PTB approval marks in the district (so-called SRS weapons) outside of

  • your own home
  • your own business premises or
  • your own contented property (for example your own garden)

you need a small firearms license for this purpose. However, carrying an SRS weapon at public events is generally prohibited.

The small firearms license is not valid for compressed air weapons, spring-loaded weapons andCO2 weapons marked with an "F" symbol.

It is recommended that you inform yourself in detail about the regulations of the weapons law before applying.

If you are carrying an SRS weapon, you must have the small firearms license with you and be able to identify yourself with an ID card or passport.

The small firearms license is valid indefinitely.

You may be denied the small firearms license if you have not resided in Germany within the last 5 years.

If you move to another city or municipality, you do not have to have the small firearms license rewritten.

If you handle weapons and ammunition without a required weapons permit, you may face a fine or imprisonment.


To obtain the small firearms license, you must be

  • be at least 18 years old
  • be reliable in terms of weapons law and
  • personal suitability


Reliability under weapons law

You must be reliable under weapons law.

You may be deemed unreliable under weapons law if, among other things

  • you have been legally sentenced to a prison term of at least one year within the last 10 years or have been a member of or supported a prohibited organization within the last 10 years.
  • it can be assumed that you misuse or improperly handle weapons or ammunition, do not store these items carefully or hand them over to persons who are not authorized to do so.
  • you have been in preventive police custody more than once in the last 5 years with judicial authorization due to violence.
  • You have repeatedly or grossly violated firearms laws.

Personal suitability

You must be personally suitable.

You can be assessed as personally unsuitable if, among other things

  • You are legally incompetent.
  • You are addicted to alcohol or other intoxicating substances, are mentally ill or debilitated.
  • you suffer from serious illnesses, such as brain injuries, or physical impairments, such as amputations or severe visual impairment.
  • it can be assumed that you are not able to handle weapons or ammunition carefully or properly or that there is a concrete danger that you will endanger others or yourself.


You must apply for the small firearms license at the competent firearms authority. Submit the application together with the required documents.

The firearms authority will issue the small firearms license if you meet the necessary requirements.

Required documents

  • The following documents are required:

    • Identity card or passport (copy)


  • The fees for issuing a small firearms license range from 30 to 150 EUR.


Commitment action at the administrative court


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