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The Trade Register is a register kept by the municipal authorities of commercial establishments registered in the municipality. Public and non-public bodies as well as private persons may obtain an extract from the Trade Register upon request.


Pursuant to § 14 of the Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (GewO), traders must notify the municipality of certain transactions. These include the registration, re-registration and de-registration

  • of a trade,
  • a branch office or
  • a dependent branch office.

All commercial enterprises in the respective municipality are listed in the trade register with the data they have reported. Public and non-public bodies as well as private persons can obtain information from the trade register upon request if they have a corresponding interest. The basic data of the trader (name, business address, reported activity) are generally accessible, for data information beyond this a legal interest is required. The consent of the person concerned for the disclosure of the data is not required.

The trade register is not a public register such as the commercial, cooperative or association register. Therefore, you have no legal claim to communication of the data. It is at the discretion of the competent body whether it gives you the information.

The information provided corresponds to what has been reported to the Trade Registration Office up to the time the information is provided. The authority does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information. No information is provided about deregistered businesses.

The trade register with the basic data of the tradesmen is partly made available on the Internet by the municipality. The basic data of the tradesmen are sometimes also published in a trade directory or yellow pages, a directory of companies sorted by industry.


Without a special justification, you will receive information on the basic data of traders. This includes

  • name,
  • business address and
  • reported activity.

If you would like to receive further data, you must prove a legal interest.

You have a legal interest, for example, if you

  • want to assert legal claims or
  • refer to services rendered by the tradespeople, or
  • grant credits to the traders.


You can apply for information from the trade register in person, in writing or electronically. In addition to information about yourself, you should provide the data you know about the business you are looking for, e.g:

  • Name of the business
  • name of the trader
  • the last address known to you

The responsible office will check your application for completeness and whether you have a legal interest in obtaining information from the trade register.

If your application is approved, you will be sent the extract from the trade register and a fee notice.

Special notes

The Trade Register is not to be confused with the Central Trade Register kept by the Federal Office of Justice, which records trade law violations for the whole of Germany.

Required documents

  • in the case of information going beyond the basic data: Proof of legal interest such as debt instruments, copies of contracts or invoices


  • 15.00 Euro in accordance with the Schedule of Costs to the Costs Act (Tariff No. 5.III.5/1)

Legal bases


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