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Fumigation outside a fixed sterilization chamber must be reported to the responsible trade supervisory office.


If you intend to fumigate an object outside a fixed sterilization chamber with the fumigants listed in Section 8 (8) in conjunction with Annex I No. 4.1 of the Ordinance on Protection against Hazardous Substances (GefStoffV), a notification of the planned fumigation activity must be submitted to the trade supervisory office responsible for the location of the fumigation.

There is no notification requirement for fumigation in the medical field and for outdoor soil fumigation with hydrogen phosphide.


A permit and a sufficient number of certificate holders are required for activities involving fumigants.

The fumigation notification must be prepared by the permit holder or an authorized third party (e.g. responsible person, certificate of competence holder). It must contain at least the following information:

  • the responsible person,
  • the date of the fumigation,
  • a site plan of the fumigation location and the object to be fumigated with details of the goods to be fumigated,
  • the fumigants intended for use, registration or approval numbers, and the intended quantities,
  • the expected start of the fumigation,
  • the expected end of the fumigation,
  • the expected date of release, and
  • The date of the leak test, if one is required.


If possible, the fumigation notification must be submitted online to the trade supervisory authority responsible for the location of the fumigation before the fumigation is carried out (see under "Online procedure").

If you use the online procedure, you will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail, in which the competent authority for processing the notification is also named. You can print out and download a copy of the notification as a PDF document.

After the fumigation has been carried out, a record must be made. This must be submitted to the responsible trade supervisory office upon request.


The notification must be submitted to the industrial inspectorate responsible for the place of fumigation at least one week before the start of fumigation.

In justified cases, a fumigation notification may also be submitted with a shorter deadline.

The notification period is shortened to 24 hours for ship and container fumigation in ports as well as for infection hygiene disinfection.

Required documents

  • Site plan on a scale of 1:100

  • Measurement plan

    Overview with marked measuring points

  • TRGS 512 Annex 2b - Questionnaire for clients on fumigation-relevant structural properties of fumigation objects (such as churches, castles, museums, mills, warehouses, etc.),

    signed by the principal

Online procedures


  • none


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